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October 6 2023 - Kevin H.

With data from all 46 slow drafts, Here is our annual KKUPFL ADP ! 🥳 We think this is most complete post-draft analysis you'll ever have for your team. 

🔹Compare your team to the other 644 teams that have been drafted

🔹See who you reached on/got value on

🔹Find the most similar team to yours

🔹See how others GM who drafted at the same spot as you did

🔹See the different strategies used by other GMs 

🔹If you dare... you can also check out all the teams ranked by Standardized over/under ADP.  ⚠️

Reminder that ADP is made up of the average draft position of every KKUPFL managers (some who will finish 1st, and some who will finish last!), and so it doesn't necessarily indicate that you were right or wrong to reach for a players. ADPs also fails to capture each draft particularities (Runs, strategies, etc)

You're missing out if you don't click, and make your own copy of it. Check out the ADP on the Fantasy Tools page of our website.

Important KKUPFL Dates for 2023/24

August 15 2023 - Brian K.

September 6 - Registration deadline

September 11 - Fantrax slow draft invitations go out; group chats are created

September 22 - Slow drafts begin at 9am ET; Yahoo! league invites sent out as drafts progress

October 7 - Yahoo! leagues turned on and moves can be made

October 10 - Season 9 puck drop

2023/24 KKUPFL Rules Changes

June 26 2023 - Brian K.

Every year we take time to analyse the previous season, get feedback from the community, and workshop ideas for rule tweaks to make the next KKUPFL season even better.  Learn more about changes coming next season.

Mid-Week 3 Playoff Update - 2023 Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Playoffs

March 28 2023 - Brian K.

Hamonic (7.5), Tuch (6) and Sorokin (9.5) all putting in great efforts for Ryan on Monday.. but outdone handily by Harrison's Hayton (12) and Palmieri (16.25) alone, plus his Hartman and Johansson  combining for 13.5 fpts vs Ryan's Grubauer (-3.3)

Ryan hasn't been able to make up ground so far tonight, even with Point's 13 fpt performance -- though Harrison's squad has +4 GP tonight, so that's probably a win for Ryan to just break even on a night where he's outmanned

Only Zibanejad (9.25) has really popped on Harrison's squad tonight.. some other decent performances but also some quiet nights, especially on the blueline

March 27 2023 - Brian K.


March 20 2023 - Elan D.

Huge congrats to Joe Bimbler aka "First Round Exit" from T5 Henrik for winning this year's Fast Track with a staggering 5,843.00 points!!! You've still got a championship to compete for but your T1 spot for next season is already locked in.

Just ~20 points behind came rcolli04 (Ryan) from T8 Nygårds with 5,822.45 points. Ryan didn't even name his team but that didn't stop him from clinching a spot in T3 next season. What a KKUPFL debut!

March 20 2023 - Brian K.

It's time for the KKUPFL Ultimate Championship Playoffs update!  With Week 1 matchups complete it's time for the top seeds to get in to the action.

March 19 2023 - Brian K.

It's time for the KKUPFL Ultimate Championship Playoffs update!  Marcas Ó'C 🦌  (1st, 15-6, 5729.20 pts) and Jordan 🎯  (2nd, 14-7, 5578.05 pts) .are sitting pretty in Week 1 with byes to the next round.  Let's see how the other matchups are going. 

March 19 2023 - Brian K.

Six Tier 1 competitors remain in the hunt for this years ultimate championship crown.  Learn more about them and how they got here.  Pick your favourite and cheer for them throughout the playoffs.