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Week 1 Playoff Update - 2023 Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Playoffs

March 19 2023 - Brian K.

It's time for the KKUPFL Ultimate Championship Playoffs update!  Marcas Ó'C 🦌  (1st, 15-6, 5729.20 pts) and Jordan 🎯  (2nd, 14-7, 5578.05 pts) .are sitting pretty in Week 1 with byes to the next round.  Let's see how the other matchups are going.

3 vs 6

Brandon Wiebe 🐱  (3rd, 13-8, 5575.55 pts) vs Harrison 🚪 (6th, 12-9, 5214.05 pts)

In the rubber match from the final week of the fantasy season, which saw Harrison get into the playoffs while ruining any hopes Brandon had of a first round bye, it's neck and neck in the final day! Harrison has closed an initially projected 30pt gap between him and Brandon to be an 8 pt advantage with just 7 games remaining apiece. Will we see an upset between these two for the second straight week? This one is coming down to the wire...

4 vs 5

ryan (TMHTD) 🕺  (4th, 12-9, 5536.55 pts) vs Surpsu (Lauri) (5th, 12-9, 5387.00 pts)

This matchup, incredibly, has gone almost exactly as projected by Yahoo. Ryan holds a decisive 24 point and 1 GP lead heading into the final day of games. Lauri will need heroics from Stamkos, Lafreniere, Panarin, Pettersson.. and then some more.. to close the remaining gap.

Stay tuned for more updates as the playoffs progress!