League Overview

The KKUPFL is the most fun and competitive fantasy league in the world (designed by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools), where the best, smartest and most dedicated fantasy hockey managers from across the globe test their mettle against one another in pursuit of ultimate fantasy glory.

The basics:

  • Yahoo Head-to-Head Points scoring format

  • Scoring categories: G(4.5), A(3), SOG(0.5), SHP(1), BLK(0.5), HIT(0.25), W(2), SV(0.35), GA(-2), Shutout(2)

  • 14-team divisions

  • 18-man rosters (C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, UTIL, UTIL, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN)

  • Promotions and Relegations between divisions at end of season

Read on for the specifics, and get in touch anytime (twitter, e-mail) if you have any questions.


This league is organized by the co-producers of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, Elan Dubrofsky and Brian Kom. They will act as the commissioners of the league.

The league and rules are continually evolving. Any rule in this document is subject to change without notice at any time, at the discretion of the commissioners.

In case of any discrepancy between the KKUPFL Rules in this document and the settings shown on Yahoo, the Yahoo settings are to take precedence, unless otherwise determined by the commissioners.

In order to be eligible to compete in the KKUPFL and win prizes, as well as to receive an invitation for future seasons, participants must remain a $5 patron of Keeping Karlsson for the duration of the fantasy season, without interruption. Aside from this, pool entry is free.

KKUPFL Configuration

The KKUPFL consists of several ranked tiers. Managers are placed into tiers based on their performance in the previous season. Each tier is made up of 1 or more divisions, which are all considered equal in terms of ranking. Each division operates as its own pool within the KKUPFL. Divisions will usually be comprised of 14 teams, although there may be exceptions depending on the number of registered managers.

KKUPFL Tiers are organized like a pyramid: Tier 1 (the top tier) contains one division, Tier 2 contains two divisions, Tier 3 contains three divisions, and so on. New managers joining the KKUPFL enter at the bottom tier. The goal of all KKUPFL managers is to ascend to Tier 1 by earning promotions from lower tiers, and then, of course, to win the Tier 1 division and become the Ultimate KKUPFL Champion.

For tiers made up of multiple divisions, the participants in each division will be set according to draft time/format preference, randomness, or some mix thereof. When possible, the commissioners may accommodate requests from managers who want to play in the same division

Promotion and Relegation

Promotions and relegations between tiers are determined by the previous season’s final standings (here are the final rankings for the 2018-19 KKUPFL season). Final standings reflect the results of each division’s playoffs (for more on Playoffs, see section 9). Promotion and Relegation rules will vary depending on tier, as is detailed below.

The following table shows what the promotion and relegation effects were for each standings position in each tier from the 2019/20 season going into the 2021 season. The effects of the 2021 standings for 2021/22 placement will be determined over the summer once we get a sense of how many people are going to come back for next season. But expect things to be similar.

KKUPFL 2021 Tiers (All of the placement references are referring to the 2019/20 standings. In the 2019/20 KKUPFL season there was 1 T1 division, 2 T2 divisions, 3 T3 divisions, 4 T4 divisions and 8 T5 divisions.)

Tier 1 (1 division - 14 people)

    • T1 1st-7th (7 people)

    • T2 1st-2nd (4 people)

    • T3 1st (3 people)

Tier 2 (2 divisions - 28 people)

    • T1 8th-10th (3 people)

    • T2 3rd-8th (12 people)

    • T3 2nd-4th (9 people)

    • T4 1st (4 people)

Tier 3 (3 divisions - 42 people)

    • T1 11th-14th (4 people)

    • T2 9th-11th (6 people)

    • T3 5th-8th (12 people)

    • T4 2nd-4th (12 people)

    • T5 1st (8 people)

Tier 4 (4 divisions - 56 people) - [These add up to 58 but there will be attrition so it will fit]

    • T2 12th-14th (6 people)

    • T3 9th-12th (12 people)

    • T4 5th-8th (16 people)

    • T5 2nd-4th (24 people)

Tier 5 (5 divisions - 70 people) [Based on previous year new player attrition rates this should fit. We’ll add more T5 divisions if needed to fit everyone]

    • T3 13th-14th (6 people)

    • T4 9th-14th (24 people)

    • T5 5th-14th (80 people)

Tier 6

    • All new people

Believe it or not, some KKUPFL managers may choose not to return the following season, leaving an open space in their tier. If there are open spots in a tier due to attrition, managers in final standings positions not listed in the table above may be promoted into higher tiers. Priority for managers receiving attrition promotions is given to managers that were in a higher tier in the previous season (from highest standings position to lowest standings position):

*NEW FOR THE 2021 SEASON*: The manager with the highest total points in the regular season of all KKUPFL divisions will automatically earn a fast-track promotion to Tier 1 in the 2021-22 season. If the fast-track winner would have already landed in T1 regardless then there is no effect.

Scoring Format

The format of the league is Head-to-Head Points with weekly scoring periods. Two fantasy teams compete to accumulate the most fantasy points over the course of a one week scoring period. The team with the most points wins the week. League standings are determined by weekly wins.

Point Weightings

Skater Categories:

Goals: 4.5

Assists: 3

Shots on Goal: 0.5

Hits: 0.25

Blocks: 0.5

Short Handed Points: 1

Goalie Categories:

Wins: 2

Saves: 0.35

Goals Against: -2

Shutouts: 2

You can see the 2019/20 results with this scoring here.


Each team will maintain a roster of maximum 18 players (not including players in Injured Reserve slots). Roster spots are allotted as follows:

  • 2 Centers

  • 2 Left Wings

  • 2 Right Wings

  • 4 Defensemen

  • 2 Utility (Forward or Defenseman)

  • 2 Goalies

  • 4 Bench

  • 4 IR+

  • 1 N/A

As you can see above, each team may hold up to 4 eligible players in their Injured Reserve (aka IR+). Players eligible for IR+ include those that Yahoo designates as “DTD”, “O” or “IR”. When a player in an IR+ spot loses their IR eligibility, acquisitions for that team are locked until the ineligible player is removed from IR+.

Also, new starting in week 2 of the 2020/21 season, each team may hold 1 eligible players in an N/A spot. If Yahoo designates a player as “NA” then you can put them in that spot. The N/A spot works just like an IR+ spot.

Rosters may be set daily. Each player is ‘locked’ into their roster spot at the starting time of their team’s game.

Free Agents

Continuous Waivers will be in effect, meaning all Free Agents will be perpetually on waivers. Managers may acquire players from waivers by placing a bid using their Free Agent Budget (FAB).

A quick explanation of FAB: each manager is given a $100 (fake money) budget that they may use to bid on free agents through the season. At around 3:00am ET daily (when Yahoo processes), an automated auction is held where players are awarded to the manager who placed the highest bid. In point form:

  • Bids are blind, so managers can't see others’ bids (player or amount) before the auction. Only successful bids are revealed.

  • Managers may bid as little as $0 and as much as the remainder of their budget.

  • Highest bid at 3:00am ET wins the player.

  • The amount of $ used in a successful bid is subtracted from a manager’s FAB.

  • Tie bids are broken by Continual Rolling List waiver priority.

Managers are allowed a maximum of 4 free agent acquisitions per week. Managers are allowed an unlimited number of acquisitions over the course of the season.


Trading is allowed at any time between the conclusion of your draft and the trade deadline. The 2021-22 KKUPFL trade deadline is April 1st 2021. Trades may only be made between teams in the same division.

Once a trade is accepted, there will be a 1 day waiting period before it is processed by Yahoo (i.e., at 3am ET the morning after the 24 hour waiting period has expired). During the waiting period, other teams in the division may contact Elan and Brian (via Discord, or via email at if they have good reason to believe the trade may be unfair, unbalanced, anti-competitive, or protestable for any other reason.

If a trade is contested, the participants of Tier 1 Sweden will be invited to deliberate and decide upon whether the trade should be upheld or vetoed. (If the contested trade is in Tier 1, then participants in Tier 2 will be consulted instead.) Every effort will be made to reach a verdict within an appropriate amount of time. The commissioners reserve the right to offer a verdict at their discretion.

The KKUPFL also features a ‘trade counter-offer’ mechanic. Either manager involved in a trade may cancel said trade within 24 hours of it having been accepted, in order to accept another offer from a third party (i.e., another manager in their division). The new offer accepted must be for the exact same player(s) included in the initial trade. If a new offer is accepted, both managers must post in their league Discord chat tagging Elan and/or Brian within 24 hours of the time that the initial trade was accepted, and should include the full details of the new trade being agreed upon. The commissioners reserve the right to adjust the 24 hour window at their discretion.

New this season: You can include FAB as part of your trades. If FAB is included, once the trade is accepted, one of the trade participants must notify the members of their division by posting in the division group chat on Discord. Once the trade is processed, tag Elan or Brian to let them know and they will update the FAB balances on Yahoo.

CAVEAT: The maximum amount of FAB a manager can hold is $100. So a manager is not allowed to accept an offer that would put their FAB budget over $100.


The 6 highest-ranked teams in the league standings at the end of the regular season qualify for a 3-round postseason tournament to determine a league champion. The next 6 teams in rank play in a consolation postseason tournament to determine places 7-12. Places 13-14 are determined by regular season standing. See the Yahoo 6 team playoff system here.

If a playoff matchup ends in a tie, the team with the higher playoff seed automatically wins the tiebreaker. See the Yahoo “Higher seed wins” section here.


Tier 1 will draft via an Auction draft which will be broadcasted as an episode of Keeping Karlsson. Budget is $260 per team.

All other tiers will draft via a Slow Snake Draft on Fantrax. The maximum time per pick will be 8 hours with no daily pauses. We will however pause the pick clock twice: from Dec. 24 4pm ET to Dec. 26 10am ET, and then again from Dec. 31 4pm ET to Jan. 1 12pm ET. You could still pick during these times if you want, but you won't run the risk of your timer expiring.

Once the drafts complete the results will be copied over to a Yahoo league.

Inactive Managers

If a manager appears to be inactive, a KKUPFL commissioner will contact the manager to remind them to actively manage their team. If no response is received within 3 days of the commissioner’s contact (or if the manager indicates they will no longer be managing their team), the KKUPFL commissioners may take control of the inactive team and begin the search for a replacement manager.

The replacement manager will usually be a Keeping Karlsson Patron who is not currently managing a KKUPFL team. The commissioners may seek out replacement managers at their discretion.

Note: A manager who replaces an inactive manager will not obtain that manager’s ranking in the KKUPFL, regardless of their finish in their division standings. Patrons who serve as replacement managers will, however, be eligible for priority placement into the highest newly-created tiers for the following season.

If no replacement manager is found, the inactive team may be put under ‘Commissioner Control’ to ensure it maintains a basic level of competitiveness through the season (like the Phoenix Coyotes from 2009-2013). Generally speaking, this means keeping active players in roster spots and setting lineups on a regular basis.

Team Naming Policy

When naming your team: the KKUPFL adores novel and creative team names. Please note that we have a policy prohibiting any team names making explicit or implied references to racism, sexism, homophobia, and other ugly-isms/phobias. We also reserve the right to prohibit team names that are otherwise offensive, vulgar or explicit. If we find your team name doesn't jibe with this policy, we'll send you a note asking you to change it.