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2021-22 KKUPFL Divisions

Tier 1

Tier 2

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Tier 8

Watch the Season 7 Tier 1 Auction Draft and meet this year's competitors for the ultimate fantasy hockey champion.

KKUPFL ultimate Champions

The KKUPFL Ultimate Champions have climbed to Tier 1 and beaten the best of the best, staking their claims to being crowned the greatest fantasy manager in the world. Will you add your name to this list?

2022: Elan Dubrofsky - "Not Even Close"

2021: Dustin A. - "Primo Pasta"

2020: Max Fredrickson - "Dirty Mac"

2019: Dave Betten - "Gambler's Fallacy"

2018: Brian Kom - "the Flamingos"

2017: Jeff Turcotte - "Chiefs"

President's Trophy (Fast Track)

Since the KKUPFL is a points league, the manager who accumulates the largest number of points over the entire regular season (regardless of their Tier or Division) is the winner of the Fast Track - an immediate promotion to Tier 1 regardless of their current Tier or results in the playoffs. KKUPFL participants can check their current ranking in the Fast Track standings on our Discord server by using the command !ft in the #botspam channel.