How to Join


Registration is open to anyone, anywhere, and all fantasy hockey experience levels.

Note: Although the deadline for a guaranteed spot has passed, we will still(!) be doing all we can to accommodate late registrations. For every 14 managers that sign up, we'll create one more division. We imagine we'll have enough late registrations to fill a few more divisions, so don't hesitate. 

If you register and don't get into a division, you can then a) join the waitlist to take over a team post-draft, or b) back out entirely. 

Joining the KKUPFL is quick and EASY 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Be a Patron

Sign up as a patron of Keeping Karlsson. A KKUPFL invitation is one of many(!) perks you get for supporting Keeping Karlsson at $5 USD per month. For half the price of an arena beer, patrons also get access to our exclusive patrons-only Discord community, monthly bonus "Ask Us Anything" patroncast episodes, and access to Elan and Brian's show notes.

Click the button below to sign up and join the 600+ fantasy hockey fans already in our community.

Step 2 - Join via Discord 

After signing up for Patreon, you'll instantly gain access to our patrons-only Keeping Karlsson Discord community. 

When you get there, head to our #kkupfl-registration channel, where you will push one magic button to register for your spot in the KKUPFL. Bam!

Step 3 - Get Ready!

The KKUPFL Commish Team will keep you up to date on Discord with league announcements about your division, draft date and anything else you need to know. Make sure to be checking Discord regularly for league news, notifications and DMs.

In the meantime, you'll instantly gain access to our full Discord community, including special KKUPFL-only channels like:

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can get our attention on Discord by tagging @KKUPFL Commish or slide into our DMs.

What CUrrent KKUPFL Managers Have tO Say