About the KKUPFL


The KKUPFL is a tiered fantasy hockey league where new managers join in the lowest tier and fight for hockey glory through promotion and relegation to become the Ultimate KKUPFL Champion and make legitimate claim to be the greatest fantasy manager in the world. Each tier is made up of 1 or more divisions. Divisions are comprised of 14 fantasy teams each. KKUPFL Tiers are organized like a pyramid: Tier 1 (the top tier) contains one division, Tier 2 contains two divisions, Tier 3 contains three divisions, and so on. Learn more about the KKUPFL in episode 310 of the Keeping Karlsson podcast where the team discusses season 6 and the design of the league.


  • Yahoo head-to-head points scoring format.

  • 18-man rosters

  • Regular season plus 6-team playoff and consolation bracket

  • Winning teams advance 2 tiers the next year, places 2-4 advance 1 tier. Fast Track winner (most points in the entire KKUPFL) gains direct promotion to Tier 1.

New to Yahoo Fantasy? Learn more about how to use the platform with our handy tutorial video.

Who Runs the KKUPFL?

The hosts of the worlds longest running fantasy hockey podcast, Keeping Karlsson, have spent the last 6 years building the KKUPFL into the worlds greatest fantasy hockey league.

Elan Dubrofsky

  • Co-host of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey podcast

  • Currently in KKUPFL Tier 1. Tier 2 Ottawa champion in 2018 and 2019.

  • Also likes Survivor

Brian Kom

  • Co-host of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey podcast

  • Former KKUPFL ultimate champion

  • May be a robot

Who's In the KKUPFL?

With participants on four continents and from all corners of Canada and the US, the KKUPFL is truly an international competition. Get to meet and compete against fantasy hockey managers from around the world.

Why the KKUPFL the Best

Competitive and Accessible

  • Tiering and promotion/relegation system ensures you play against other fantasy managers with a similar skill level

    • Tired of dominating your local league? Go up against the best in the world and see if you can make it to Tier 1

    • More of a social player? Don't worry, most players in your division will have a similar skill set to yours

  • Global scope

    • Don't be surprised when you find out the manager who beat you to that hot goalie on the waiver wire watched him play junior games in Finland

  • Redraft League

    • Long term keeper leagues are fun, but nothing tests the mettle of a fantasy manager like a redraft league

    • No rebuilds required, be competitive every year

Properly Maintained

  • Experienced commissioners from outside your division ensure a fair and stable competition

    • No dead-stick managers

      • If someone in your league leaves mid-season, they are replaced with a new active manager

    • Trade reviews

      • Think a trade is unfair? Ask for a review and a panel of experienced non-partisan managers will review the trade

Strong Community

  • The safest way to play fantasy hockey

    • We work hard to foster a non-toxic environment where fun is the goal

  • Discord Server

    • Join us on Discord to talk strategy, get advice and be a part of the community

    • Communicate with members of your division to talk trades and relive close matchups

    • Reach out to the rest of the community to get unbiased advice on your fantasy decisions


Patrons of Keeping Karlsson and KKUPFL participants have access to our vibrant Discord server. With over 350 members and growing our Discord includes channels for:

  • Question and answer channels for crowdsourced fantasy advice, including personalized advice from Brian and Elan

  • Live game day chat

  • Hockey news feeds and discussion

  • Fantasy hockey discussion channels

  • A private channel for your KKUPFL division

New to Discord? Learn all about how to use our server in this handy tutorial video.

How to join

In order to be eligible to compete in the KKUPFL participants must remain a $5 patron of Keeping Karlsson for the duration of the fantasy season, without interruption. Aside from this, pool entry is free. Join us on Patreon today or reach out to us by email or twitter for more information.