Fantasy Tools

Built and powered by the Keeping Karlsson community, these tools will help you make the best decisions for your fantasy team.

Game Day Lines

Twitter feed connected to local beat writers, with in-the-know details on practice and game day lineups. Head to the website to see the latest line combos for individual teams, and follow on Twitter to get updates as they come.

Game Day News

Twitter feed connected to fantasy news breakers and beat writers, retweeting a curated collection of fantasy relevant news through each day.

Roster Maxmizer

Need to figure out which players will get you the most Games Played this week? The Roster Maximizer shows you each team's weekly schedule and who has the most games being played on off-nights. Watch the tutorial to see how it all works.

Goalie Tiers 2023-24

Smörgoåliesbord is a Keeping Karlsson annual tradition, where Elan and Brian spend a whole episode figuring out what to expect from every goalie in the NHL. They put it all together in their Goalie Tiers, which are there to help you figure out how to approach goalies on draft day and throughout the season.

KKUPFL ADP 2023-24

The generic average draft position rankings you get on fantasy sites are usually skewed by leagues with unique formats, inexperienced managers and auto-drafters. But never fear! The KKUPFL ADP gives you reliable player rankings based on drafting data from the best fantasy managers in the world.

Tier 1 Auction Draft 2023-24

How did the world's most brilliant fantasy hockey managers build their teams in this year's Tier 1 auction draft? Watch the episode on Youtube, and click below to see the full results.


This tool will allow you to see KKUPFL % rostered for players that were in FA at 5 AM EST, along with their add/drop for the over the last 14 days and 7 days and their pts average over the same span.