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2023 Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Contenders

March 19 2023 - Brian K.

It's time for the KKUPFL Ultimate Championship Playoffs update!

First, the contenders

(1) Marcas Ó'C: Phoenix Park Deer (1st, 15-6, 5729.20 pts) 🦌 

Third time's a charm for Mark, who has climbed from 4th, to 2nd, and now 1st in the standings over his last 3 seasons in #tier-1-sweden. And, he's done it in his trademark style, making just 69 moves-- about 20 less than most others in his division--  and still holding on tight to $80 FAB. After losing in the Finals last year, can the world's best fantasy hockey manager of the last few years finally claim his first official Ultimate Championship?

(2) Jordan: Sasquatch Snipers (2nd, 14-7, 5578.05 pts) 🎯

Also in his 3rd run at an Ultimate Championship in Tier 1, Jordan has characteristically traded his way to the top this season, making 7 deals in a division that's often shy to pick up the phone. He has held on to the last spots available to hold his place in Tier 1 the last couple years, with this year's payoff being a first round bye. He's one of only three managers to eclipse 12 Ws in #tier-1-sweden, and he's looking for just 2 more to earn his first title. 

(3) Brandon Wiebe: The Jon Arbuckles (3rd, 13-8, 5575.55 pts) 🐱

The dotcomming graphic designer has placed 3rd in #tier-1-sweden for the second consecutive regular season, after emerging from #tier-2-san-jose in the 2020-21 season. Buoyed by a close network of CHEL players, Brandon is the 3rd of only 3 managers to eclipse 12 Ws in the toughest fantasy league in the world this season. Can he finally add to his trophy case this season, or will he continue to be Jon Arbuckle minus a championship? 

(4) ryan (TMHTD): Teach Me How To Dougie (4th, 12-9, 5536.55 pts) 🕺 

In just his second year in the KKUPFL,last year's KKUPFL Fast Track™️ winner has flattened the Tier 1 learning curve. After making his debut in #tier-6-bosse, Ryan is showing no sign of of being intimidated without having plied his trade in any of the upper tiers prior to this year. Can this David beat an entire group of Goliaths to make the quickest ever run to a KKUPFL Ultimate Championship?

(5) Surpsu: EK65 rise and shine (5th, 12-9, 5387.00 pts)

Lauri came up the old-fashioned way, rising steadily through the ranks over his KKUPFL career. The Finn (who named his team after a Swede!) picked up the #tier-4-ljungby championship in 2020-21, then finished 2nd in #tier-2-san-jose in 2021-22, and has now made the playoffs in his first #tier-1-sweden appearance. With only one rung left to climb on the ladder, will Lauri continue his pattern of growth by becoming the Ultimate Champion, or will he be stuck in neutral for the first time? 

(6) @Harrison: Knock Knock. Hughes There? (6th, 12-9, 5214.05 pts) 🚪 

After ascending to Tier 1 with a 2nd-place finish in #tier-2-san-jose in 2020-21, Harrison has now qualified for the Ultimate Championship Playoffs twice in a row with near-identical records.  And, he's done it on the strength of drafting and on the waiver wire, without ever having made a single trade on his path to this year's playoffs. After earning a win against 3rd place Brandon Wiebe to get into the playoffs, can he repeat that same feat over again to take another step toward his first Ultimate Championship? 

Stay tuned for more updates as the playoffs progress!