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Week 3 Playoff Update - 2023 Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Playoffs

March 27 2023 - Brian K.


ryan (TMHTD) (4th, 12-9, 5536.55 pts) 🕺 vs 

Harrison 🚪 (6th, 12-9, 5214.05 pts) 

Fast Tracker Ryan, in his second KKUPFL season and first Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Playoffs, has decisively triumphed in both playoff weeks so far by a combined ~75 fpts, knocking out the 5th and 2nd seeds on his way in. If he wins, it will be the quickest possible route to an Ultimate Championship, and a feat that we may never see matched again (heck, even just getting to this point in a 2nd career KKUPFL season far may never happen again!).

Harrison, who just barely squeaked into the playoffs and narrowly avoided being relegated from Tier 1, has been a giant killer, knocking off the 3rd and 1st seeds by a combined ~40 fpts. Even more impressive was that, according to last week's poll, literally nobody picked him to get to this point. This is Harrison's 2nd year in Tier 1, and his chance to pick up his first ever KKUPFL division championship. What a story it'd be for that to be the Ultimate Championship!

The Week Ahead

Ryan is the early favourite by a 9 point margin. Of course, Harrison is no stranger to overcoming the odds.

Moves Made

Harrison 🚪+ Johansson  - Spurgeon (March 26, pre-matchup)

Harrison 🚪 + Palmieri     - Katchouk (March 27, 3am)

Ryan 🕺        + Hoffman    - Hofer (March 27, 3am)

Harrison 🚪 + Boqvist      - Woll (March 27, 6:56pm)

Key players

Harrison 🚪 J Hughes (4gp), Zibanejad (4gp), P Kane (4gp), Guentzel (4gp), Hart (4gp)

Ryan 🕺  M Tkachuk (4gp), Hamilton (4gp), Connor (3g), JT Miller (3gp), Sorokin (4gp) 

Just 7 days until we know who will be named the KKUPFL Ultimate Champion and hold the title of the world's best fantasy hockey manager. Let's go! 🏒