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Week 2 Playoff Update - 2023 Tier 1 Ultimate Championship Playoffs

March 20 2023 - Brian K.

It's time for the KKUPFL Ultimate Championship Playoffs update!  With Week 1 matchups complete it's time for the top seeds to get in to the action.

1 vs 6

(1) @Marcas Ó'C: Phoenix Park Deer (1st, 15-6, 5729.20 pts) 🦌 vs 

(6) @Harrison: Knock Knock. Hughes There? (6th, 12-9, 5214.05 pts) 🚪 

At the outset, Mark is projected for a 4 fpt victory, despite having a whole 4 more GP over Harrison to begin the week. Harrison has already used 2 moves.

2 VS 4

(2) @Jordan: Sasquatch Snipers (2nd, 14-7, 5578.05 pts) 🎯 vs
(4) @ryan (TMHTD): Teach Me How To Dougie (4th, 12-9, 5536.55 pts) 🕺 

Jordan begins the week favoured by 15 fpts over Ryan (who has virtually the same projection as Harrison!). Ryan has already used 1 move. 

I would like to selfishly point out that I'd be currently projected to beat Jordan by 18 fpts .. from my 2nd seed in the #tier-3-binghamton consolation bracket 😆

Stay tuned for more updates as the playoffs progress!