KKUPFL Stat Attack

KKUPFL Stat Attack Podcast

Has your fantasy league ever had a podcast dedicated to covering it? The KKUPFL does!

Stat Attack is the official, dedicated podcast of the KKUPFL. The KKUPFL's resident statistician Marcas Ó Callanáin and his team of veteran KKUPFL managers check in weekly with the latest news, trends, and standout manager and player performances from around the best fantasy hockey league in the world.

Episodes feature interviews with KKUPFL managers, deep dives into KKUPFL-wide trends and fantasy hockey stats, and highlights from the week's action throughout the league.

Manager Stats

Where do you stack up against all the KKUPFL managers? See every manager's total fantasy points, league-wide ranking, moves they've made and more in this handy viz.

Player Performance

Which players are so hot right now across the KKUPFL? Is a free agent in your division a hot commodity in others? Check this Player Stats viz to see the % Rostered, fantasy points, and more for every player in the NHL.

Transaction Trends

Who's getting added? Who's getting dropped? See the latest moves managers are making across the entire KKUPFL.

Stat Attack Spreadsheet

Is the above still not enough data for you? Download the full Stat Attack spreadsheet for yourself with statistics and interfaces designed by our resident statistician to get you the info about the KKUPFL, its managers and NHL players.