Manager Stats

On this page review details about each KKUPFL manager's team. See how successful each manager has been this year as compared to the entire league. Note: Landscape mode is recommended on mobile devices

Manager Totals

Compares your team against every other manager in the KKUPFL regardless of their Tier or Division. Ranked by total points accumulated throughout the entire fantasy regular season. Whoever finishes first on this list at the end of the season is the Fast Track winner and gains automatic promotion to Tier 1. Data is updated once daily.

Total KKUPFL Points By Strength of Division

This graph shows each manager's total KKUPFL points vs the division average. The higher up a team is, the more KKUPFL points they have accumulated. Teams on the right are in tougher divisions as those divisions have, as a whole, accumulated more points suggesting they are more competitive.