Free Agent Tracker

This page contains tools to help you make free agent pickup decisions in your KKUPFL league.
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Free Agents In Your Division

Step 1: Select your division from the drop down list in the top left

Step 2: You will now see all the Free Agents available in your division that are rostered in at least 1 other KKUPFL division. You can then review the following details about each player

  • KKUPFL Pts: Total KKUPFL points collected by the player this season

  • KKUPFL % Rostered: Percentage of KKUPFL divisions in which this player is rostered

  • Y! Rostered: Percentage of Yahoo leagues in which the player is rostered

  • Delta % Rostered: Difference between KKUPFL and Yahoo rostering rates

    • A positive number indicates the player more popular among KKUPFL managers than Yahoo

    • A negative number indicates less prevalence in the KKUPFL verses the general Yahoo population

  • Avg Pts Season: Average KKUPFL points per game collected by the player this season

  • 7 (14, 30) Day Pts Trend: Percentage difference between average KKUPFL points collected in games during the indicated time period versus that player's season average

    • A positive number indicates the player has performed better during the indicated time period than their overall season average

    • A negative number indicates the player is underperforming during the indicated time period versus their overall season average

Step 3: Find a player who has the statistics you like and could use on your roster

  • You can sort the players by KKUPFL Pts, KKUPFL % Rostered or Y! Rostered by clicking on the column header

  • You can filter the list by NHL team using the Filter By Team drop down at the top

Step 4: Create a waiver claim for the player to add to your KKUPFL roster

  • Click on the Green Plus symbol in the Add to Roster column

  • You will be taken to the Yahoo fantasy screen to create a waiver claim for this player

  • Does not work on the Yahoo App

Data is updated once daily.