Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantasy League

The world's greatest Fantasy Hockey League

Become the Ultimate Fantasy hockey Champion

With more than 300 participants, from over a dozen countries across four continents, divided into 6 Tiers and 23 divisions (and growing!) the Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantasy League is the most fun and competitive fantasy hockey league in the world. The KKUPFL is where the best, smartest and most dedicated fantasy hockey managers test their mettle against one another in pursuit of ultimate fantasy glory.

The KKUPFL is organized by Elan and Brian, the hosts of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, the longest running fantasy hockey podcast in existence.

Track the progress of your fantasy team against the best fantasy managers in the world.

Take a deep dive into KKUPFL fantasy team and NHL player statistics.

Fantasy Tools

Links to some of the most helpful fantasy hockey tools provided for free by the Keeping Karlsson community.

Podcast Family

The KKUPFL is built on the foundation of the Keeping Karlsson podcast family.

Join Brian and Elan at the beginning of each week for Keeping Karlsson, the longest-running Fantasy Hockey Podcast in the world.

Ben and Lewis host Short Shifts twice mid-week tracking the latest news in the fantasy world.

Each Sunday Dave Betten picks the best players to stream into your roster with Stream Scheme.

Stat Attack is the official podcast of the KKUPFL tracking manger and player performance

Twitter Feeds

@keepingkarlsson is the official twitter feed where the Brian and Elan share their hottest takes on the latest in fantasy hockey.

@shortshiftskk lets you follow Ben and Lewis as they provide those little extra tips throughout the week.

@gamedaylines is the best twitter feed to follow for daily practice lineups from around the league